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Device-Voice-Drum. (2002)
Recorded at Earthink Live! Atlanta, GA on June 15, 2002.

Kansas is:
Phil Ehart: drums
Billy Greer: bass, vocals, acoustic guitar
Robby Steinhardt: violin, vocals
Steve Walsh: keyboards, vocals
Rich Williams: electric & acoustic guitars.

Choir: The New Advent Choir (Directed by Yergan Jones)
String Quartet: (Arranged by L.A. Baird)
Tirza Kosche: violin
Jeanne Johnson-Walkins: violin
Cindy Beard: viola
Anna Joyner: cello.

1. Belexes
2. Icarus II
3. Icarus
4. Song for America
5. Howling at the Moon
6. The Wall
7. The Preacher
8. Journey from Maria Bronn
9. Dust in the Wind
10. Chyenne Anthem
11. Child of Innocence
12. Miracles Out of Nowhere
13. Point of Know Return
14. Portrait / The Pinnacle
15. Fight Fire With Fire
16. Play the Game Tonight
17. Carry On Wayward Son.

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